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Integral Insight: August ‘23

As we close out August, we have been moving along with upgrades and announcements that continue to make Integral one of the most innovative projects around. Let’s dive into the details:

Upgraded Contracts Across Arbitrum and Mainnet

We’ve upgraded all our contracts on both Arbitrum and Mainnet. We finalized the deployment of the newly upgraded relayer smart contract on the mainnet at the beginning of August. This significant upgrade has slashed gas usage per atomic swap, bringing it down from roughly 310k gwei to a more economical 255k gwei.

Expansion to Arbitrum One Mainnet

We didn’t stop at Mainnet. The latest relayer smart contract was also deployed on the Arbitrum One Mainnet this month. We’re currently in collaboration with various aggregators to ensure seamless integration. This means the Atomic swaps, which have been available to Ethereum Mainnet users, will soon be accessible to the Arbitrum trading community as well.

Volume Growth

One of the most encouraging developments this month has been the continued growth in trading volume. Cumulative volume has surpassed an impressive $600,000,000 milestone. This solidifies Integral’s position in the market as one of the most capital efficient DEXs available.

Curve OTC Deals

Our team discussed the Curve OTC deals in detail, providing insights on the recent action to traders and DeFi observors. To get the full breakdown and understanding of our take on the deals, check out our post here.

Anticipating the Future

Our wheels are constantly turning. As we gear up to enter the last quarter of 2023, we’re working on plans to revise the fee structure and implement further enhancements to the Integral ecosystem. We believe these forthcoming changes will elevate the trading experience and offer even more value to our users.

Thank you for being an integral part of our journey. Your trust and support drive our innovation. As always, stay tuned for the exciting developments we have in store for the months ahead. Cheers to a promising close to the year!

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