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WBTC-WETH: New Token Pool on Integral

We are excited to announce that WBTC-WETH is now live on Integral SIZE! As part of our continuous effort to expand and better serve traders, this pairing has been introduced to provide enhanced liquidity for traders in our unique SIZE pools.

Integral SIZE is powered by a groundbreaking protocol designed to offer competitive pricing for traders with minimal slippage and various order types (TWAP, Atomic and Limit Orders). With the addition of WBTC-WETH pair, we are adding another option on one of the most well-traded pairs in DeFi.

New Farming Rewards

Starting from 00:00 UTC+0, June 19, 2023 (Monday), there will be changes to the farming rewards:

  • USDC-WETH: Currently at 20,000 ITGR per week, will be adjusted to 15,000 ITGR per week.
  • USDT-WETH: Currently at 20,000 ITGR per week, will be adjusted to 15,000 ITGR per week.
  • USDT-USDC: Remains unchanged at 10,000 ITGR per week.
  • WBTC-WETH: New introduction, set at 10,000 ITGR per week.

We encourage our community to adjust their farming strategies to accommodate these changes.

As with all pairs on Integral SIZE, WBTC-WETH will be based on the Ethereum mainnet. Traders can easily connect their wallet, deposit their tokens, and start trading or providing liquidity to the WBTC-WETH pool.

We appreciate your continuous support and welcome this new addition to our platform. Please stay tuned to our updates as we continue to enhance Integral SIZE and roll out more exciting features.

Join us on Integral SIZE to trade and provide liquidity to the WBTC-WETH pool today. Learn more about Integral and start trading with us today at: