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USDC-USDT: New Token Pool on Integral

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the USDC-USDT pool on Integral SIZE, with rewards for providing liquidity starting May 1st at Midnight UTC. As a liquidity provider to Integral pools, you can take advantage of the traditional liquidity-provision risk/return profile similar to that of Uniswap and Sushiswap, but better. For traders, the pool will open another venue for large trades between the two main stablecoins, all with zero price impact or slippage.

With the launch of the new USDC-USDT pool on Integral, traders and liquidity providers have a new opportunity to benefit from our advanced pool design and attractive rewards program. LPs of the USDC-USDT pool will receive lucrative $ITGR rewards from the liquidity mining program, which starts from the launch date. The impermanent loss protection feature ensures that although there is a possibility of impermanent losses, historically, Integral pools have not experienced impermanent losses on average.

We are also updating our farming rewards plan in light of the new USDC-USDT pool launch. Effective from May 1st:

  • USDC-WETH and USDT-WETH mainnet base emissions will be reduced to 20k ITGR per week from 25k ITGR per week.
  • USDT-USDC mainnet base emission will be starting at 10k ITGR per week.
  • USDC-WETH base emission on SIZE for Arbitrum remains at 0.

To maximize your token rewards, LPs can stake $ITGR for different durations to earn bonus multipliers, which are calculated and accredited in real-time. The LP bonus multiplier depends on the amount and duration of ITGR staked. LPs can supply USDC and USDT as a pair or provide single-sided liquidity. For more information on our liquidity mining program, please visit here:

Finally, we are excited to announce that the instant swap feature is activated only for USDC-WETH and USDT-WETH pairs on the front end for now. This feature allows traders to do trades atomically, similar to aggregators interacting with the relayer which then relays the trade to the SIZE pool. We encourage everyone to try it out and report any bugs they may encounter.

Join us on Integral SIZE to trade and provide liquidity to the USDC-USDT pool today. Learn more about Integral and start trading with us today at: