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Launching Integral Comparator

With prices even better than any single leading aggregator roughly 50% of the time for larger swaps.

Integral team worked hard to complete a series of major upgrades that allows us to consistently serve traders with better prices than any other DEX. The prices are even better than any single leading aggregator roughly 50% of the time for larger swaps (~ tens of thousands USD and above).

In order to make it convenient for potential traders to find venues with the best prices, Integral has launched a real time price Comparator on its main app page that helps compare across Integral, all aggregators, and DEXs. Users can verify the authenticity of these quotes easily by manually checking individual sources in real time. The Comparator will be open sourced as a public utility to serve all DeFi users.

We hope that you will find this genuinely helpful. We encourage you to give it a try and provide us with feedback as we make further improvements. You can leave your feedback with this survey.

Integral is committed to making DeFi better, and in order to spread the word to more potential traders, we will be launching a trade mining program soon. We intend to begin this as an incentives pilot within our own community first to gather feedback before rolling this out to the wider DeFi community. Please stay tuned, and join us on our mission to bring more trades on chain.

If you would like to help Integral grow faster, the most important and leveraged thing you can do is to refer us 1 good engineer and marketer that you know. We are hiring full-stack engineer and influencer marketing manager, and we need your help to source the best possible candidates.