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Integral Will Perform a 1:10000 Split on the Gov Token

Integral will perform a 1:10,000 split on the governance token $ITGR before the listing. This split will increase the token supply from 30,000 to 300,000,000. If you have previously acquired $ITGR (e.g. from participating in the Public Seed Round and liquidity farming), the value of your total $ITGR position will remain unchanged.

Below we walk you through what you need to know for the split:

For Public Seed Round’s Participants

If you invested in the Public Seed Round, the split will change the amount of $ITGR tokens you purchased and its price. More specifically, the amount will be multiplied by 10,000, and the price will be divided by 10,000. The total value of your investment will be unchanged.

For example, if John invested $3925.18 in Option 1, he would receive 1 $ITGR before the split. Now he will receive 10000 $ITGR, which is still worth $3925.18.

Here is the updated price for Option 1, Option 2 and Listing:

  • Option 1 price: $0.392518

  • Option 2 price: $0.922417

  • Listing price: $0.981295 (Option 2 Settlement Price * 1.06383)

For Liquidity Providers

If you have participated in liquidity farming, the split will change the amount of $ITGR you have earned (displayed on the upper-right corner of the dApp). More specifically, the amount will be multiplied by 10,000. Since the token price will be divided by 10,000, the total value of your earnings is unchanged.

Superhero, “Chad Resist” and Gas Refund

If you participated in the Superhero Contest, “Chad Resist” NFT Auction, or registered for the launch-day reverted transaction gas refund, the amount of $ITGR you can claim will be multiplied by 10,000 after the split.

UI Updates

We plan to roll out updates to our dApp ( and sale website ( before the listing. Please follow our Twitter and Discord for the specific time and date of rollout.

Integral is hiring! We are now looking for talents like SC engineers and front-end engineers. These positions are full-time, remote, and paid with a competitive package. If you are interested in joining us, please apply with this link, or share this email with your friend. Together, let’s build the last exchange.