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How to Claim Your ITGR

Update on Nov 28th, 2022

Token emission of ITGR has just restarted with a merkle tree update to the time release smart contract. It was paused after TGE (September 15th), and we appreciate your patience during this time.

Suppose you have provided liquidity to Integral or win any Ad Hoc ITGR giveaway (including Office Hour participation, community contest). In that case, you’ll see a new balance in the Token tab on the main app

We group all tokens earned within a month into 1 time release contract. The balance in Release #1 represents ITGR you made between 2021-09-14 00:00:20 and 2021-10-14 00:00:14 (UTC).

  • Release #2: 2021-10-14 00:00:15 to 2021-11-14 00:00:00

  • Release #3: 2021-11-14 00:00:01 to 2021-12-14 00:00:10

  • Release #4: 2021-12-14 00:00:11 to 2022-01-14 00:00:10

  • Release #5: 2022-01-15 00:00:00 to 2022-07-14 00:00:10
  • Release #6: 2022-07-15 00:00:00 to 2022-11-14 00:00:10

The claimable amount in each batch is calculated based on the ITGR you earned in that period and how long the vesting period has elapsed. Tokens start vesting from the beginning of the period.

To help you better understand the calculation method, here’s a quick example:

  • Suppose you earned 1000 ITGR from farming on September 20th.

    • This batch of tokens (Release #1) started vesting on September 14th (149 days ago).

    • The vesting period for farmed tokens is 6 months (180 days).

  • So the claimable amount is 1000* (149/180) = 820 ITGR.

  • The rest of the tokens will be unlocked on a per-block basis.

  • For more information about claiming and staking, please read the following post

At the conclusion of TGE (12:00 PM UTC on September 15th), vesting for all previously-acquired ITGR will start. You will be able to claim your tokens based on their originally designed vesting schedules.

Below we will walk you through what you need to know for the claiming.


We will add a Token tab on Main App after the TGE, and this will be the only place to claim ITGR. After connecting your wallet, the tab will display the balance of your 3-year-vesting and 6-month-vesting tokens on the left-hand side. They will both start vesting and be claimable at the conclusion of TGE.

For 3-year-vesting tokens, 1/1095 of your tokens will become vested and unlocked on September 15th. For 6-month-vesting tokens, 1/180 will become vested and unlocked.


After opening the “Token” tab, you’ll be able to see the ITGR balance after connecting your wallet.

Please note that the balance of 3-year-vesting and 6-month-vesting tokens does not only include tokens you have acquired from Public Seed Round, but also all the other tokens that share the same vesting period.

For example, if you purchased 200 Option 2 ITGR in the Public Seed Round and farmed 100 ITGR by providing liquidity, the balance of 6-month-vesting tokens will be 300.

If you would like to claim your ITGR, you can double check the number in “CLAIMABLE”, which represents the amount of ITGR that’s currently available for claim. If the number seems right for you, you can click the button “CLAIM”, and Metamask will be called up to help you finish the claiming process.

Accrued ITGR token rewards from being a LP or other initiatives will appear in the ITGR counter at the top right of the interface next to your wallet address. These tokens will be pushed to time-release smart contracts on a regular basis (~monthly) for distribution. These smart contracts will appear on the interface and will allow you to claim your tokens at the appropriate vesting rate. Token rewards pushed to our smart contracts will automatically be subtracted from the ITGR counter.

If you have any concerns regarding claiming ITGR, please open a ticket here.


You can find the Staking interface on the right side of “Token” tab. The interface will allow you to stake your vested/unlocked ITGR to earn more ITGR as interests. We offer 45% APY for 3-year lock-up period, and 10% APY for 6-month lock-up period.

The interest is paid in liquid ITGR that is released every block, and can be claimed immediately.

List of ITGR Sources and Vesting Plan

3 Years

  • Public Seed Round (Option 1)

  • Gas Refund

    • Launch Day (March 29th, 2021)

    • Gnosis Auction (June, 2021)

  • Trade Mining

  • 10% bonus APY due to listing delay

    • According to our blog post in June, “every ITGR holder will automatically earn 10% APY in ITGR (3-year vested) to your current stakes, starting effective now (2021-06-14) until the listing day (TBD). This applies to all holders, EXCEPT the team and advisory.”

  • Ad Hoc Programs

    • Superhero Contest

    • Trade Mining Raffle

    • Office Hour

    • Misc.

6 Months

  • Public Seed Round (Option 2)

  • Liquidity Farming

  • “Chad” NFT Auction

Disclaimer: Integral prohibits access from Crimea region of Ukraine, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and US. For more information, please review Terms & Conditions. Investments are risky. Please read Risk Factor Exhibit before participating.