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Day 1 Experimental Trading & Farming Rates

As Integral matures, we will be able to provide longer out projections for you.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We finally ended our internal sleep deprivation experiments after we successfully kicked off trading and one-sided deposits in the ETH-LINK pair.

Product | “Aggressive Innovation, Responsibly”

We are seeing a stream of trades that give us fantastic field data for validating our design hypotheses. This is yet again exceeding our expectations. Once we have all the data we need, we will start driving trade volume KPIs by opening up more pairs, increasing depth, plugging into aggregators, and starting our trade farming programs. A lot of growth levers are ready to be pulled.

Tokens | “Thinking Long Term”

Because we are so capital efficient (ETH-LINK doing with $10m what SushiSwap does with $200m), high TVL is merely a vanity metric for us – instead we allocate resources and attention for long-term success.

We will reduce the rate from this week’s 2.5% to next week’s 1.875% (Effective Monday, Apr 12, 15:30 GMT per usual).

As Integral matures, we will be able to provide longer out projections for you. We treat projections as invariable once announced, unless a critical unknown-unknown or emergency requires us to adapt or re-adjust. We start by projecting the rates out for the next 2 weeks. Specifically,

  • Week #2 (this past week): 2.5%

  • Week #3: 1.875%

  • Week #4: 1.25%

We are starting to gain a reputation for thinking long-term. DeFi Pulse Farmer #36 gave us a front-and-center introduction and, among other usual things, said

“Those APYs are quite attractive, to be sure, but before you run to grab your hardware wallet just know that the ITGR token will follow a 6-month vesting period. These aren’t farm-and-dump pools, rather they’re suited for farmers who believe in the long-term vision of Integral.

You guys are fantastic.