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A Liquidity Bootstrapping Guide for New DAOs and DeFi Projects

For builders looking to start a DeFi project, liquidity can mean life or death for the protocol. In this guide we will cover the most popular methods for attracting liquidity to projects, and look to the future trends.

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stETH Slips Off Peg: Slippage in Staked ETH

Average slippage of large trades from stETH to ETH was only 36 bps. But the problem with Curve pools is that the sooner you get out, the better. Integral SIZE offers a new way to do large trades between stETH/ETH.

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TVL is a meme

As DeFi expands to fill even more niches in finance, we can't expect all projects to have billions of dollars sitting in their contracts. Instead, projects that are capital efficient and make smart choices with protocol design will remain useful to the market and able to leverage whatever amount of TVL they have to succeed.

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