The DEX Built For Large Orders

0 Price Impact

Eliminate price impact on any order size for any available token pair.

30-min TWAP

Execute orders on-chain with a time-weighted average price.

MEV Resistance

Avoid money loss from frontrunning and arbitrageurs.

Price Impact is Theft

Stop losing money when executing large orders in DeFi. On a 700 ETH swap for USDC a trader can lose 2 ETH using a typical DEX or aggregator. With Integral SIZE, you can swap with TWAP and eliminate price impact.

Swap with TWAP

Swap with TWAP

With Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) on SIZE, professional traders can virtually split up and execute large trades at a time-weighted average price.

Why is TWAP important?

  • TWAP gives market liquidity time to recover so large trades can be finalized with zero price impact and 100% efficiency.

  • TWAP on SIZE finally unlocks the full potential for large order flows on Ethereum.

We bring large order flows on-chain.

Integral builds simple, powerful and professional tools for the DeFi trader. With an average order size 3x Uniswap, we have a successful history of serving whales. If you consider yourself a crypto whale or institution that likes to trade with size, welcome home!

Integral SIZE

Launch: 21 March 2022
  • Made for small cap tokens ($CVX)

  • 30-min TWAP

  • Zero price impact

Integral FIVE

Launch: 29 March 2021
  • Made for big cap tokens (ETH, wBTC, stables)

  • 5-min TWAP

  • Low price impact

  • $500M trade vol. executed

Integral FIVE


2022 Q2 (Provisional)
  • On-chain DCA

  • L2 Support

  • OTC Protocol

  • More token pairs

Integral Roadmap

What the media is saying


“Whenever another exchange tries to beat us with better liquidity, we mirror this liquidity onto ourselves.” Investors have poured $239 million into the platform on launch day.

DeFi Pulse

Integral, a new kind of trading protocol that launched in March 2021 and whose team is positioning it to compete with both decentralized crypto exchanges like Uniswap and centralized crypto exchanges like Coinbase.


Integral introduces a concept of time-delayed execution meaning that trades are executed after a wait period.


“The substantial growth of DeFi TVL also points toward continued interest in the space from both institutions and retail investors alike, co-founder of Integral, who goes by the pseudonym 0xDorsal, said.

From the blogs


Integral Team

August 9, 2022

Update to the Recent Vulnerability Report

There have been no reports of fund loss or LPs being exposed to excessive amounts of impermanent loss. All user funds remain safe while the team works on this.


Integral Team

August 5, 2022

Understanding Slippage on Arbitrum

We are doing a series of posts about whale trading on L2. In part one, we looked at general activity on Sushiswap and Uniswap. This time we will focus in on slippage to understand how the lower liquidity on Arbitrum impacts large trades.