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If you’ve encountered reversions when trading in stETH-ETH pool, please open a support ticket in our Discord channel.

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The TWAP based DEX with
Zero Price Impact Swaps

MEV Protection

Save money with by avoiding front-running and arbitrageurs.

TWAP Trading

Execute trades on-chain with a 30-min time-weighted average price.

No Price Impact

Eliminate price impact on any order size for any available token pair.

Price Impact is Theft

Stop losing money when executing large orders in DeFi. On a 700 ETH swap for USDC a trader can lose 2 ETH using a typical DEX or aggregator. With Integral SIZE, you can swap with TWAP and eliminate price impact.

Swap with TWAP

With Time Weighted Average Price (TWAP) on SIZE, professional traders can virtually split up and execute large trades at a time-weighted average price.

Why is TWAP important?

TWAP gives market liquidity time to recover so large trades can be finalized with zero price impact and 100% efficiency.

TWAP on SIZE finally unlocks the full potential for large order flows on Ethereum.


We bring large order flows on-chain.

Integral builds simple, powerful and professional tools for the DeFi trader. With an average order size 3x Uniswap, we have a successful history of serving whales. If you consider yourself a crypto whale or institution that likes to trade with size, welcome home!

Integral SIZE
Launch: 21 March 2022
Integral FIVE
Launch: 29 March 2021
2022 - 2023


Rob Leshner


Tarun Chitra


Vance Spencer

Framework Ventures

Michael Anderson

Framework Ventures

Olaf Carlson-Wee

Polychain Capital



Akira Tech

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