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$9.8mm Cumulative Trading Volume in 2 Days since Full Trading Launch

Integral has reached another important milestone. At the time of writing, our cumulative trading volume has reached $9.8mm (including ETH-LINK). In this email, we will share some statistics about trading in last two days.

A note for Integral LPs: ETH-USDC pool is currently not receiving the 30% LP Farming bonus due to pool ratio imbalance. Work together towards reactivating the bonus by depositing more USDC single-sided.


Trade Volume by Order Type

We categorize Integral’s trading with 2 types: single-side deposit (SSD) and non-SSD trade (direct swap).

Trading Volume by Pools


Pool value indicates how much (in USD) you get after putting $1 worth of asset into Integral’s pool, during the time period. HODL value is quite similar except it’s benchmarked by keeping the same amount of asset in your wallet instead of our pool. These two numbers will reflect Integral’s ability to handle impermanent loss. If these two numbers are (almost) equal, we can claim that we can eliminate IL.

At the time of writing, there are three pools (wBTC-ETH, USDC-ETH, ETH-USDT) whose Pool value is bigger than HODL value, meaning that assets in the pool are making more than otherwise sitting in a HODL wallet. It is noteworthy that we observe “Reversed IL” on the USDC-ETH pool even though it has the biggest trading volume among all pools.