In this post we explore the world of liquid staking derivatives, the tokens that are bringing staked ETH to DeFi.
Traders are positioning ahead of the next Ethereum upgrade, the Shanghai fork. Learn about the Shanghai fork and how to trade staked ETH withdraws.
As the bear market grinds on, investors and speculators alike are scrutinizing metrics even further. One that has come to light is upcoming unlocks and increases in token supply. While serious thinking about tokenomics was often thrown out the window during the bull market, as prices have gone down, people are looking at these numbers in more detail.
Liquidations are one of the least understood parts of all of the technical plumbing that keeps the decentralized finance ecosystem running. In this post, we will review the liquidation mechanisms for some of the most popular lending protocols.
What are DEX aggregators? How do DEX aggregators improve on chain trading for DeFi traders? In this article we compare the top DEX aggregators.
Without a shared understanding and process for OTC, communities will naturally struggle to reach a consensus.
By bringing SIZE to Arbitrum, we hope to enable the high-profile L2 solution to handle large crypto trades as efficiently as mainnet, and make Arbitrum more attractive to pro traders, institutions and DAOs.
Suprisingly, some of the largest trades have the lowest slippage.
Time is the worst enemy for MEV bots. Trade on SIZE to avoid many of the common MEV attacks like front-running and sandwiches.
Time is a traders' best friend.