By listing stETH-ETH on Integral SIZE, we hope to deliver on-chain TWAP and 0 price impact experience to its traders, making it more efficient and economical to swap on chain.
We are concluding Phase 1 of the SIZE PMF test and begin the next phase, which is to see if SIZE can attract consistent order flow without incentive programs like trade mining.
SUSHI is changing. By listing SUSHI on SIZE, we want to make it more convenient and economical for whales and DAOs to trade this blue-chip token in bulk.
CVX-ETH is SIZE’s first ever altcoin pools--a brand new feature that is exclusive to SIZE.
It’s been a week since we launch SIZE, a new decentralized exchange specifically designed to execute large orders on chain. With 30-minute TWAP, SIZE lets traders execute orders with zero-price impact. At the same time, we started a new rewards program for both liquidity providers and traders. After a week of careful monitor and analysis, […]
The trading mining has begun! Starting from this week, trading on Integral will enjoy the best price in DeFi (beating major aggregators 66% of the time), and ALSO split 100,000 ITGR (Integral’s Gov Token) from the rewards pool each week. Click the button above to trade, or read more here. From this week onwards, we […]