Update on Nov 28th, 2022 Token emission of ITGR has just restarted with a merkle tree update to the time release smart contract. It was paused after TGE (September 15th), and we appreciate your patience during this time. Suppose you have provided liquidity to Integral or win any Ad Hoc ITGR giveaway (including Office Hour […]
The Integral protocol token, ITGR (pronounced “it-girl”), is expected to circulate on September 15th, 2021. The initial distribution is expected to take place on Uniswap, then followed by centralized exchanges. The official ITGR token address is 0xD502F487e1841Fdc805130e13eae80c61186Bc98. There will be fraudulent copies of ITGR with different token addresses. Please do NOT purchase fraudulent ITGR tokens. Why […]
Yesterday the Integral team announced the difficult decision to suspend the Gnosis Auction step of the original listing process and delay our expectation of listing. To our community members, it seemed sudden, conflicting, confusing and even frustrating to see the announcement. We realized this and collected your feedback and concerns through a variety of channels […]
The worsening market condition has forced us to consider and reconsider the timing of our listing plan. Even the best protocols have sustained another wave of bloodbath last week, some falling as much as 33.2% again. This is one of the toughest decisions the team has had to make, and we are fully aware of […]
Integral will perform a 1:10,000 split on the governance token $ITGR before the listing. This split will increase the token supply from 30,000 to 300,000,000. If you have previously acquired $ITGR (e.g. from participating in the Public Seed Round and liquidity farming), the value of your total $ITGR position will remain unchanged. Below we walk […]