DeFi protocols have relied on the distribution of native tokens to incentivize liquidity providers (LPs). In a previous post, we delved into traditional liquidity incentives and the utilization of vote-escrow tokens. Now, we shift our focus to a fresh approach that has captured the attention of DeFi enthusiasts: concentrated liquidity methods.
A potential vulnerability was identified in the Integral protocol via our Immunefi bounty program. We did not observe the exploit active in production and we have since deployed a patch and the system is back to running as normal. No user funds were lost.
We're excited to bring you some significant changes to our ITGR token distribution mechanism.
This blog post delves into the distinctions between Integral's AMMs and conventional AMMs, as well as the unique features that set Integral SIZE apart for traders and LPs.
When it comes to trading, there are many different methods used to determine the average price of a security over a given time period. Two commonly used methods are the Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) and the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP). While both are used to calculate the average price of an asset, they differ in their approach and how they are used by traders.
GMX offers a DeFi exchange with a number of unique features, allowing large swaps with no slippage. At first glance, this may look similar to Integral SIZE, however the mechanisms couldn’t be more different. Here we compare some of the main features for traders and how each protocol accomplishes them.
At Integral, we've been heads down shipping new products and features the whole year. Here's a quick recap of our year. We will also look at what lies ahead for the 2023 roadmap.
ETH-USDC pool on Arbitrum will emit 30,000 ITGR per week.
Integral SIZE will make Arbitrum more versatile than ever. Whether you swap $100 or $1 million, SIZE will provide the most efficient and fair trading experience with 30-min TWAP, 0 price impact, MEV protection and zero impermanent loss for liquidity providers.
Without a shared understanding and process for OTC, communities will naturally struggle to reach a consensus.
After weeks of hard work, the vulnerability has been fixed. At the time of publication, trading, deposit, and withdrawal have all been resumed on SIZE. Farming reward will be resumed from September 26th, 2022.
SUSHI is changing. By listing SUSHI on SIZE, we want to make it more convenient and economical for whales and DAOs to trade this blue-chip token in bulk.