The community is arguing whether a protocol may have too much control over the Ethereum network. Lido controls a large percentage of staked ETH, which could have consequences for the network’s future security and neutrality.
In this post we explore the world of liquid staking derivatives, the tokens that are bringing staked ETH to DeFi.
Traders are positioning ahead of the next Ethereum upgrade, the Shanghai fork. Learn about the Shanghai fork and how to trade staked ETH withdraws.
We are excited to announce that Integral has enabled trading for all pairs. Starting from today, you can use Integral to trade or single-sided deposit $ETH, $wBTC, $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, and $LINK. In this announcement, we will walk you through features and changes in this trading launch to get you started with a smooth Integral […]
As Integral matures, we will be able to provide longer out projections for you. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We finally ended our internal sleep deprivation experiments after we successfully kicked off trading and one-sided deposits in the ETH-LINK pair. Product | “Aggressive Innovation, Responsibly” We are seeing a stream of trades that […]
Our ETH-LINK pool is currently matching Sushiswap and Coinbase Pro in depth by mirroring Sushiswap’s pool size * 1.25 = $250m, with our small ~$5mil pool. Trading has launched on ETH-LINK! You’re probably curious, what’s the big deal here? One of our @Heroes, @SmplR, has experience as main community manager of the Russian national team […]
ETH-LINK pool is now open for deposits. LP Rewards will start around this time tomorrow (Apr 9th, 15:30 GMT). Trading and single-sided deposits will also start around that same time tomorrow. LP Fam take note: – 1.5% of total LP rewards will go to the LINK pool (98.5% of LP rewards still go to the […]