When the token evolves into a store of value, it attracts outside traders, focusing on trading costs and slippage. This is when concentrated liquidity truly shines.
What are DEX aggregators? How do DEX aggregators improve on chain trading for DeFi traders? In this article we compare the top DEX aggregators.
Integral SIZE will make Arbitrum more versatile than ever. Whether you swap $100 or $1 million, SIZE will provide the most efficient and fair trading experience with 30-min TWAP, 0 price impact, MEV protection and zero impermanent loss for liquidity providers.
Today we are excited to launch SIZE, a new decentralized exchange specifically designed to execute large orders on chain. SIZE lets traders execute orders at 30-minute TWAP, giving trades zero-price impact.
Integral SIZE pioneers a new 30-min TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price) algorithm. Crypto traders can now trade with SIZE on DeFi with 0 price impact. Before Integral SIZE, it was not economical to perform TWAP on-chain since order-splitting would rack up gas fees. SIZE offers a new approach to swaps, delivering the same price-impact-savings as physical […]