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Changes to SIZE Rewards Program

June 3, 2022
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On March 22nd, we launched Integral SIZE, the DEX Built for Large Trades. With 3 active liquidity pools, SIZE has handled over $15 mil* worth of volume in the past 2 months. We can tell that the product really draws attention from whale traders and DAO, as the average wallet value of SIZE users reaches $896k, and average order size exceeds $100k.

These numbers make us confident to conclude Phase 1 of the SIZE PMF test and begin the next phase, which is to see if SIZE can attract consistent order flow without incentive programs like trade mining.

Therefore, starting 00:00 UTC on Monday, June 6th, 2022, we will implement the following changes to the Integral SIZE rewards program.

  • Trade Mining will be paused.
  • CVX-ETH pool will reward 200,000 $ITGR to liquidity providers per week (previously: 300,000).

At the same time, we will be making the following changes to the Integral FIVE rewards program.

  • wBTC-ETH pool will reward 20,000 $ITGR to liquidity providers per week (previously: 39,664).
  • ETH-USDC pool will reward 40,000 $ITGR to liquidity providers per week (previously: 63,462).

For a complete overview of the updated rewards program, please read our documentation.

*We’d like to highlight that unlike atomic-swap based DEXs, SIZE has no MEV bot volume given its non-atomic nature. This helps mitigate traders’ risk for sandwich attacks.

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