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Join Limit Order Waitlist for Integral SIZE

Our goal at Integral is to become the most efficient venue of trading large orders on-chain. We have received multiple requests from the community to add limit order functionality to Integral SIZE. We appreciate the feedback and would like to take this opportunity to walk you through how we envision this feature on SIZE, and gather more feedback from our community.

If you are interested in this feature, have any feedback, or simply want to use it from Day 1, hit the button below and join the waitlist for limit orders! Please also share it with your friends and help them secure their spot on the waitlist for this feature. We will have a surprise for the 20 people with the most number of referrals.

How Integral Envisions Limit Orders

Here is a sample workflow for limit orders on Integral SIZE:

  • Alice wants to execute a limit order of buying 10,000 USDC worth of ETH at price 1 ETH = 2,900 USDC.
  • She chooses the parameters and signs the transaction. She now has deposited 10,000 USDC to a smart contract bot.
  • The bot constantly checks whether the spot price is at or below 2,900 USDC per ETH.
  • ~~When the spot price ≤ 2,900 USDC per ETH, the bot will start executing the order using the next 30min TWAP as the execution price.
  • ~~When the spot price > 2,900 USDC per ETH, nothing gets done.
  • Alice can choose to leave the order there for an arbitrary duration or cancel the order anytime.