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Introducing The DeFi Trader Club by Integral!

As we prepare to launch the next-generation Integral this November, we’re excited to invite the elite DeFi trader into an exclusive club; The DeFi Trader Club (DTC).

The DeFi Trader Club (DTC) will be an exclusive chat group connecting our core team with our high-volume traders and liquidity providers. Membership to this club is free, but invite-only and limited to 1,000 individuals. As a member to this club you’ll enjoy the following perks:

  • 24/7 Support and direct access to the Dev Team

  • Access to private DeFi Trader Club Telegram group

  • Direct voice and influence in product development

  • Exclusive market insights/analysis from Integral Research Team

  • 20% reward boost from trade mining program (December 2021)

  • Early access to the products, features and updates

  • Personal account manager and onboarding assistance

  • Trading and Farming strategies from the Integral Research Team (offering insights on how to hedge your farming positions to get 30% APY from DYDX)

  • A unique DeFi Superhero NFT (designed by BAYC artist)

In the next-generation Integral, the top DEX traders can now execute multi-million dollar crypto trades, on-chain with ZERO price impact!

The testnet for this new version will go live on Kovan testnet this week.

If you are an elite DEX trader who has ever executed an order size of $500k+ on-chain, we welcome you to apply for a membership to the DeFi Trader Club. You can start by filling in this survey, and our team members will reach out to you shortly.