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Integral SIZE Launches TWAP based DEX on Arbitrum

Integral is excited to announce the launch of Integral SIZE on Arbitrum mainnet!

You can now trade on the Arbitrum deployment of Integral SIZE with low gas costs and instant transaction confirmations.

SIZE will make Arbitrum more versatile than ever. Whether you swap $100 or $1 million, SIZE will provide the most efficient and fair trading experience with 30-min TWAP, 0 price impact, MEV protection and zero impermanent loss for liquidity providers.

To use Integral SIZE on Arbitrum, simply switch to Arbitrum in Metamask, then visit

LP farming for SIZE on Arbitrum starts Wednesday, October 26th! Read here for more details.

What is Integral SIZE?

Integral SIZE is a DEX that executes time-weighted average price (TWAP) trades on-chain. While other decentralized exchanges are not optimized for large trades, SIZE is built with whales in mind to provide a better on-chain trading experience with zero price impact. SIZE has operated on Ethereum mainnet since March 2022 and has processed over $20m in trade volume.

SIZE now becomes the first Arbitrum DEX offering TWAP trading and order execution with zero price for any trade size. With the average order on SIZE being a multiple of the leading DEX or DEX aggregator, SIZE adds value to Arbitrum, executing trades more efficiently to save traders money.

With Integral SIZE, traders can now swap as efficiently on Arbitrum as Ethereum, all while leveraging the power of TWAP trading and lower gas fees.

Integral SIZE Swap Interface
Integral SIZE swap interface

Trade with SIZE on Arbitrum

You can now trade with size on Arbitrum. Instead of a traditional swap, Integral SIZE uses Uniswap as a price oracle. Once an order is submitted on SIZE, the protocol queries Uniswap to get spot prices over the next 30 minutes. By calculating the arithmetic-mean of these prices, SIZE uses a time-weighted average price to execute your order. All of this is done on-chain and without needing a custom price curve.

As a result, SIZE executes trades with zero price impact. You can read more about this in the Integral docs or the Integral whitepaper.

SIZE currently uses a TWAP period of 30 minutes. In the near future, traders will be able to customize this TWAP period depending on their trade size or trading strategy. The Integral team is taking feedback from DeFi traders regarding these additional TWAP durations so please reach out if you have ideas or preferences.

TWAP Trading on Arbitrum

All DeFi traders can can now enjoy on-chain TWAP trades without paying excessive gas fees. 30-minute TWAP execution will allow you to trade large order sizes with zero price impact on a variety of token pairs to be listed.

Initially, SIZE on Arbitrum will launch with the ETH-USDC pair, and will be taking community feedback on additional token pairs after launch. If you have a favorite token pair you want to trade with SIZE, please let us know in Discord or on Twitter.

For DAOs and pro traders, we offer an OTC-like experience that facilitates large trades. Historically, large trades on a typical L2 AMM would lead to heavy slippage and front-running, SIZE now handles these trades with no price impact and no exposure to negative MEV.

For example, a $GMX<>$ETH trade worth $500k would incur ~2% price impact on Arbitrum with Uniswap v3, adding $10k to the total trade cost. On Integral SIZE, the price impact would be 0.

Price Impact for
traders on Arbitrum
$500k trade
$500k trade
$1m trade
Uniswap v3 on Arbitrum60%1.86%1%
Uniswap v3 on Ethereum0.4%N/A0.1%
Integral SIZE (Arbitrum & Ethereum)0%0%0%
Integral SIZE price impact savings on $500k to $1m trades compared to Uniswap

For liquidity providers, SIZE offers LP pools with net-zero impermanent loss and offers a liquidity venue free of the typical arbitrage flow.

For the Arbitrum ecosystem, Integral TWAP and Concentrated Liquidity technology will accelerate the liquidity growth on L2. The capital efficient SIZE pools allow each dollar of liquidity on Arbitrum to go much further than it would in a classic AMM DEX.

How to Earn $ITGR as a Liquidity Provider on Arbitrum

As part of the Arbitrum launch, we will be starting a rewards program for liquidity providers.

Rewards for LP Farming will start on Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Rewards have a base reward component and a multiplier, and the base reward for ETH-USDC pool will be 30,000 $ITGR per week on Arbitrum. The base reward for ETH-USDC pool will stay 50,000 $ITGR per week on Ethereum Mainnet.

More information about this has been covered in a separate blog post.


Integral SIZE makes the Arbitrum ecosystem more versatile by delivering:

  • TWAP order execution with 0 price impact on any trade size.
  • Full MEV protection for traders.

Trade with SIZE on Arbitrum!

Please join us in Discord, or reach out on Twitter with any questions or feedback. We hope the Arbitrum community enjoys trading with SIZE as we look forward to building professional tools that empower DeFi traders on Ethereum and Arbitrum.