Integral Protocol & ITGR Marketing Update

Hello! I’m the marketing director at Integral and I’d like to update our community, users and token holders on recent accomplishments and future plans related to marketing.

A quick note about myself. I join Integral in mid August and I’ve been a crypto investor and trader since 2012, a serial entrepreneur and digital marketer since 2003 and have previous experience working at top-tier tech companies and 2 other crypto startups. I’m passionate about blockchain technology, the future of crypto assets and the empowerment and freedom that DeFi protocols offer individuals on a global scale.

Please feel free to connect with me on Twitter – In the spirit of privacy and the pseudonymous nature of DeFi my name is Crypto Ryno!

Recent Accomplishments at Integral

Last week, Integral successfully completed its token generation event (TGE) for ITGR with an “Newcomer Auction” on DODO. All 700,000 tokens sold out to whitelist participants and a trading pool for ITGR/USDC was immediately available on DODO with a pool on Uniswap shortly thereafter.

Within 3 days of the TGE and Uniswap listing, additional listings of ITGR trading pairs appeared on 1Inch, Lbank,, MEXC, Hotbit, ZT and AOFEX. We expect many more to come and help to increase liquidity and distribution for the ITGR token.

On September 13th we released the 1st of several explainer videos, titled “What is Integral? The Integral Protocol”. This video provided a visual introduction to the Integral value proposition.

Over the past month, Integral has been listed on major token metrics websites such as CoinGecko, Coinmarketcap, Messari, Nomics and LunarCRUSH.

We’ve also grown our Twitter follower base to 10,000+ strong, a 37% increase in the past 2 weeks!

Social media engagement and interest is also growing organically as crypto influencers begin to recognize the value of Integral and the ITGR token.

Currently, we are working on several major marketing initiatives and campaigns, which you will see roll out over the next several months.

Long-Term Focus

At the end of the day, our focus is LONG-TERM. We’re NOT a pump-and-dump project and we’re NOT building Integral to make a quick buck. We encourage users, LPs and ITGR token holders to have this same long-term perspective in mind.

One lesson I’ve learned in my 9 years in the crypto space is that it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.

I’ve also learned that many traditional methods of marketing either don’t work or are forbidden due to restrictions from various ad platforms and social networks. We must think outside the box, we must be creative, and that’s our approach.

As such, marketing efforts at Integral are NOT (and NEVER will be) focused on artificially pumping up the price of our token to satisfy the short term goals and desires of crypto traders.

Our approach to marketing is focused first on product development, product marketing, and user acquisition. Without a solid product that users love and use regularly, there will be little value in our governance token. This is where much of our time, energy and effort is focused.

After the product, we’re working to establish high-level partnerships and agreements with thought leaders, influencers, academic leaders and other teams in the crypto space, particularly those creating value and solving major problems in DeFi. These partnerships take time to establish, but we expect to have a substantial positive impact and compounding benefits to Integral over the long term. We will announce partnerships as they’re finalized.

Marketing Plans

That being said, we recognize how a token price can affect public perception of our project. To indirectly address this issue from a marketing standpoint, we’re working hard on the following items going forward.

  • Refining and improving our existing products and highlighting notable activity occurring on Integral where users are getting the best price on large crypto trades.

  • Developing and launching a new product in Q4; the first on-chain OTC trading desk made for institutions and crypto funds moving $10m – $200m per month in crypto assets.

  • Development of at least 2 more explainer videos, the first explaining the benefits of owning the ITGR token and the second explaining the long-term mission, vision and purpose of Integral.

  • Establishing relationships with several partners including ambassadors, influencers and teams of other projects in the DeFi space.

  • We’re still on track to have ITGR listed on at least 1 top-tier centralized exchange in October.

  • We’re also planning a new community meme contest which will be a precursor to an exciting upcoming project involving NFTs.

  • Additional marketing content including educational materials, infographics, and articles are also being developed around key issues in DeFi, being solved by Integral.

  • Efforts are underway to sponsor industry podcasts over the remainder of the year.

If you would like to help Integral grow faster, the most important and leveraged thing you can do is to refer us 1 good engineer that you know. We are hiring smart contract engineers, and we need your help to source the best possible candidates. We will offer 10,000 USDC if your candidate passes our probation period. If you want to recommend someone to us, please email to


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July 29th, 2023

Post-Mortem Report: Precision Error for Actions in Integral SIZE

A potential vulnerability was identified in the Integral protocol via our Immunefi bounty program. We did not observe the exploit active in production and we have since deployed a patch and the system is back to running as normal. No user funds were lost.