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Integral Insight: September ‘23

September has wrapped up, and at Integral, we have continued to build throughout the summer. Here’s what we’ve been up to this month.

Volume and Rankings Keep Ascending

Cumulative trading volume on Integral crossed the significant $700 million mark this month. Not only have we maintained strong volume throughout the month, but our standings have also been holding steady. Integral is now regularly in the top 10 protocols based on based on trading volume and an even higher rank when considering capital efficiency (TVL/volume).

Volume has also picked up on the newer pools including the USDT-USDC stable pool. These are exciting developments and we will continue to look for more pairs to add that will continue to increase volume.

For a closer look at these stats, you can always dive into the details on DeFi Llama and our official volume site.

Gas Optimization Continues

Efficiency for traders remains a cornerstone of our development plans. Our team is heavily invested in enhancing the platform’s performance, and this month, we’ve made headway in our pursuit of further gas optimization. Our focus on refining the smart contract’s efficiency means users can anticipate even more streamlined and cost-effective transactions in the near future. This will bode well for both future traders who will get cheaper swaps and for LPs who will see more volume coming from price-sensitive aggregator flow.

Advancements on Arbitrum Integration

Our work with the Arbitrum ecosystem is ongoing. With the recent launch of the Integral Relayer on the Arbiturm network, we’ve been hard at work expanding the integrations and optimizing the system for success. We’re collaborating closely with multiple aggregators to integrate the newly deployed relayer on Arbitrum.

Transitioning LP Rewards

Starting last friday, all liquidity pools ceased to give out farming rewards.

Starting from last Friday, all staked ITGR position ceased to give out interests. Stakers can withdraw their positions and claim all the unclaimed interests accrued before.

These changes are in preparation for the transition to the upcoming governance a fee distribution changes coming to Integral.

Monthly Analytics

High volume and utilization continues with even more trades going through the USDT-USDC stableswap pool and the ETH-BTC crypto pool.

As we move into the final stretch of 2023, we’re driven to deliver even more enhancements, collaborations, and value to our community. Upcoming are some exciting surprises including changes to LP fee distribution mechanisms, governance updates and of course further optimizations to our trading systems. Stay tuned for our continued work into the last quarter of 2023!