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Integral Insight Newsletter | Nov 2022

Product Updates

Atomic Relayer
In November, the Integral team finished developing an Atomic Relayer, a key technology that allows us to provide competitive atomic pricing for on-chain traders. This relayer provides liquidity to aggregators, and is meant to be the intermediate party between on-chain traders/aggregators and Integral SIZE pools.

Token Emission
As of November 28th, token emission for $ITGR (Integral Governance Token) restarted with an update to the time release smart contract.

Growth & Marketing

Web3 Promotions
Existing web3 promotional campaigns with DappBack, Quest3 and Galxe continue to drive awareness, traffic and user growth to Integral SIZE. DappBack alone is now responsible for over 10% of our total website traffic.

DeFi Whale Squad
On November 29th, the 888th whale from our DeFi Whale Squad NFT collection was minted. 10% of the collection has now been minted!

Sponsored Content
On November 18th our 2nd sponsored ad ran on a video with over 37,000 views from Nicholas Merten at DataDash.

Growth Metrics
Integral has built several internal growth metrics dashboards, used to understand our website and app visitors in more detail. We’re using these dashboards to more quickly analyze the effectiveness our marketing efforts and content.

With the launch of Integral SIZE on Arbitrum in October, ongoing SEO efforts, content marketing, content partnerships and web3 referral programs, we have seen a substantial increase in traffic. Soon, we hope to share more details about our growth metrics and various dashboards in the new year. Stay tuned!

Partnerships & Integrations

Aggregator Integration

Last month we submitted a request to integrate with top-tier DEX aggregators like 1inch and Paraswap. We’re now waiting for their feedback. If you work for an aggregator or have an integration request, please email us at


November 14
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November 25
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