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Integral Insight: June ’23

As we wind down June and enter summer, we are thrilled to share our progress and the notable milestones we’ve achieved.

Here is a summary of the highlights:

Limit Orders on Testnet

The month kicked off with our exciting announcement about the launch of Limit Orders on our Testnet. This significant development represents a leap forward for our protocol’s functionality, enhancing its trading flexibility and making it even more user-friendly for our traders. You can read all about how Integral SIZE limit orders work and the rollout plan here.

Over $400 Million Trading Volume

In a significant landmark, we reached over $400 million in cumulative trading volume on Integral SIZE. Not only did we achieve this impressive milestone, but we also recorded multiple days where we broke our all-time high for daily volume.

Insights on Uniswap v4 Impact

To keep our community informed, we shared a thread detailing the impact of Uniswap v4 on the DeFi landscape. By providing these insights, we aim to empower our users with a deeper understanding of the evolving market dynamics and the potential implications for their trading strategies.

WETH-WBTC Trading Pool on Mainnet

We continue to expand our pair offerings to cater to diverse trading needs. This month we launched the WETH-WBTC trading pool on Ethereum mainnet. This initiative marks an important step in our mission to facilitate seamless and efficient trades across a broader range of asset pairs.

We hope you had a good month and look forward to continuing our product roadmap this Summer! Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon:

  • Hashed orders and contract updates for gas savings that will bring even cheaper trades to Integral SIZE.
  • Updates to the Integral relayer.
  • Continued testing on Limit Orders.

Lastly, check out our analytics for the month as volume grew and utilization continued to be one of the highest in DeFi.