How to participate in the Integral Public Seed Round

A step-by-step walk-through about everything you need to know when the Public Seed Round starts at 15:30 GMT on April 22nd, 2021.

Last week, we announced our Public Seed Round. We were amazed by the amount of interest we have received: over 13,000 people have viewed our announcement article, and many have dropped us supportive notes on the fairness of our approach. As the next step, here is a step-by-step walk-through about everything you need to know when the Public Seed Round starts at 15:30 GMT on April 22nd, 2021.

📕See below for step-by-step instructions on the investment process. Please note that paragraphs that start with the symbol is what you need to do to participate in the sale.

If you still have any question, you can reach us at

Before investing, be sure to read through the Risk Factor Exhibit for full details on the terms of investment. Investments are risky, illiquid, and may result in total loss of capital.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1️⃣ Submit KYC documents


You must submit your KYC documents before making an investment. The KYC is designed to screen out all US PERSONS AND CORPORATIONS. If you are non-US, please proceed with the KYC.

  • Please visit this webpage to do KYC if you are participating Public Seed Round as an individual. This link It will also appear on the landing page of the sale website.

  • The KYC results will come out 2 – 3 business days after your submission, you do not need to wait for the results before making your investment. But please review your submission carefully. You may not have a chance at re-submission.

  • If you fail to pass the KYC due to clerical errors, you can resubmit as late as May 4th. But if you fail to pass the KYC by May 7th, your contribution will be returned in either your original currencies OR in the form of USDC valued at the end of the subscription period (at 15:29 GMT April 28th, 2021 without extension, or the end of the extension if applicable) at our sole discretion.

☑ If you are a non-US Individual, you will need to visit our KYC page at Blockpass and upload one of the following documents: Passport, National ID, or Driving License. We will also ask for your Email, Full Name, Date of Birth, Residential Address, selfie, and Ethereum Address that you plan to use for investment.

If you are a non-US corporate entity, please email the following content to You must use your company email to send the content. The corporate KYC check is an AML check to determine if the company is on the sanctions list or not. No checks would be done on the individuals associated with a company. We will ask the following information:

  • Full legal name of the entity

  • The jurisdiction of incorporation

  • The Ethereum Address that the company plans to use for investment

2️⃣ Visit the Public Seed Round website at 15:30 GMT on April 22nd, 2021

⚠️The sale website is Please note that this website hasn’t gone live yet.

🚦Integral prohibits access to its public sale from China, Canada, and the US due to regulatory uncertainty in those jurisdictions. Integral will monitor any access from China/Canada/US-based IPs. If you are visiting the sale website from those locations, you will see a warning message and will not be able to proceed.

In the event of heavy site traffic or possible denial of service attack, you may encounter difficulty when visiting the site. Please follow our Twitter/Discord announcement to learn about the current status of the site. The sale will run for six days, so there is plenty of time to check it out.

The landing page will be divided into two parts. There is a dashboard on the left, displaying the amount invested and countdown to the end of the sale. The right panel is an informational panel detailing the sale mechanics and other details.

After reading the sale mechanisms, offering documents, and investment risks, you can decide to proceed by:

☑ Clicking “KYC for Individual” or “KYC for Corporations” if you have not completed the KYC.

☑ Clicking “Connect Wallet” on the upper right-hand corner. Please make sure that this is the same Ethereum Address that you used in your KYC.

☑ Clicking the “Invest” button on the dashboard to proceed.

3️⃣ Signing Document

☑ You will see the Reg S Subscription Agreement and several checkboxes. Please read through the document until the end carefully. Then truthfully acknowledge the items listed on the site by checking the boxes.

☑ Please enter your email address in the box. Please make sure the email address is the one that you used for the KYC. Please use only one wallet address per email address.

☑ If you have done all the above, you can choose to click the “Proceed” button.

4️⃣ Choose your allocation

There are two options in this Public Sale Round. Option 1 tokens account for 21% of the token cap, have 3 years of linear vesting, and 60% discount relative to the listing price. Option 2 tokens account for 4% of the token cap, have 6 months of linear vesting, and a 6% discount from the listing price. Details here.

☑ You can use the slider to determine how you want to allocate your investment between two options. If you drag the slider closer to Option 1, the percentage of your investment going to Option 1 will increase, and vice versa.

  • Please double check the text above the slider to confirm your final allocation (in this case, 85% of your investment will go to Option 1).

On Day 1, Option 1 will earn 5% early believer bonus. This bonus is not part of the Sale portion of token metrics (25% of cap). It’s funded by the Advisory portion.

  • For example, an investor buys 100 ITGR Option 1 on Day 1 and then 200 ITGR Option 1 on Day 3, then his bonus is 100 * 5% = 5 ITGR.

5️⃣ Decide the amount of investment

☑ After you decide the allocation, you can enter the amount of currency you would like invest in.

  • This Public Seed Round supports 5 mainstream digital currencies, including ETH (wETH), USDC, USDT, DAI, and wBTC.

  • If you want to invest with only one currency, like USDC, just enter the amount, and click the “Invest” button. Then you must confirm on your Metamask wallet once.

  • If you want to invest with multiple currencies, like USDC and ETH, you can fill in their respective amounts and then click the “Invest” button once. You must then confirm your MetaMask wallet multiple times (one time for the USDC transaction, one time for the ETH transaction, etc.).

6️⃣That’s it!

Once your transactions have been mined, you can see your contributions in the “My Investment” tab.

Please note that you will not be able to withdraw your contribution once you make a contribution, so make sure you read through all the documents including Risk Factors and Subscription Agreement carefully.

If you want to make another contribution on a later day, you can simply come back and repeat a similar process.

What will happen on April 28th, when the Public Seed Round ends?

15-Min Extension Mechanism

The earlist possible termination time of the Public Seed Round is 15:30 GMT, April 28, 2021. But in order to avoid network traffic issues during the final minutes, if the contributions submitted within the last 15 minutes of the auction exceeds 1% of the total contribution, then the auction will extend for another 15 minutes. There can only be a maximum of 16 extensions.

As a result, the Public Seed Round will officially end on April 28, 2021 as early as 15:30 GMT, and as late as 19:30 GMT.

Price Determination

  • Option 1’s settlement price will be total $ contributed to Option 1 / 6300 ITGR.

  • Option 2’s price will be MAX (Option 1’s settlement price * 2.35, total $ contributed to Option 2 / 1200 ITGR).

  • The number of $ITGR token you get will be the amount you invested in a particular option / the settlement price of that option.

    • Some contributors may fail to pass the KYC/AML process by May 7th. If this happens, their contributions will be returned and their reserved tokens will be distributed to the qualified contributors. You will only receive more tokens because of this. The final results due to KYC/AML adjustment will be announced on May 7th.

  • You can read more about this mechanism and examples here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We opened up a section called “Public Seed Round FAQ” on our documentation website, and you will be able to get your answers there.

Words and displays shown here are for illustrative purposes only. The actual wordings and displays during the sale may be different from what is shown here.

Investments are risky, illiquid, and may result in total loss of capital. Learn more about the Risk Factors.


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