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Gas Refund for Reverted Transaction on Launch Day

On March 29th, some liquidity providers experienced reverted transactions, and their gas fee was wasted. We take full responsibility for this situation and are reimbursing expenses incurred from such transactions, in $ITGR form. 

We are releasing a complete list of reverted transactions which have been verified. Wallet owners who initiated these transactions will receive $ITGR that matches the gas fee (USD denominated) as a refund. To protect privacy, we only display the first and last 4 digits of these numbers.

These refunded $ITGR shares the same 3 year vesting period and price with Option 1 from Public Seed Round. Wallet owners will be able see and claim these tokens after we launch our Claiming & Staking function.

If you have reported your reverted transaction but couldn’t find it in the list, please click the “Help” button on the dApp and fill a ticket. Our agents will reach out to you.