Frequently Asked Questions

Integral is a global team of problem solvers on a mission to make DeFi more accessible, secure and fair. Our purpose is to develop solutions that unlock the full potential of DeFi and empower the next generation of on-chain traders.

Integral SIZE is a TWAP based DEX enabling zero price impact swaps on Ethereum and Arbitrum. Integral SIZE offers the most efficient, MEV-resistant, zero price impact trading experience with impermanent loss protection for liquidity providers. SIZE is like Uniswap Pro, a DEX custom-built to execute large trades. Trade with SIZE!

Integral FIVE is a (5-min) TWAP based DEX on Ethereum supporting large crypto trades for deep-liquidity token pairs including ETH, wBTC and stables. FIVE was the first product released by Integral in March 2021, serving more than $450m in trading volume since, with an average order size 3x Uniswap.

TWAP is a pricing strategy and trading algorithm which executes trades at a time-weighted average price. TWAP is typically used by professional traders or large market participants as a way to execute large orders while minimizing price impact. Integral SIZE is the first DeFi application to enable 30-min TWAP orders with 1 click.

Price impact is the spread between the total value of a token being swapped versus a token being obtained (value denominated in a stable unit of account such as USD or USDC). Price Impact occurs on both centralized exchanges (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX) and a result of the given liquidity available to settle a transaction. Learn more about Price Impact on Integral SIZE.

MEV is shorthand for “Maximal Extractable Value” which is the maximum value that can be extracted from block production on a blockchain, in excess of the standard block reward and gas fees by including, excluding, and changing the order of transactions in a block. Integral SIZE protects traders against MEV through a trade delay using a 30-min TWAP.

Integral SIZE charges a 1 bps fee on all token pairs, regardless of trade size. In contrast to most centralized and decentralized exchanges (which keep most or all of the fees collected as revenue), Integral SIZE trading fees are collected and sent to the Integral Treasury. In addition to fees, any positive slippage from trades on Integral SIZE is returned to its users.

Integral FIVE supports several trading pairs. See current list at
Integral SIZE supports several trading pairs. See current list at

Integral does not support front-running tactics such as maximal extractable value (MEV), or calling in a big flash-loan. This is made possible by a built-in trade delay.

Integral mitigates front-running/cross-exchange arbs with a built-in 30-min trade delay.

Integral introduces a trade delay with 5-min and 30-min TWAP. This eliminates almost all front-running/cross-exchange arbitrage (the main cause of impermanent loss). This is similar to how the anti-Flash-Boys exchange IEX built their anti-HFT arb trade delay.

Integral is a decentralized exchange, not an aggregator. Unlike a DEX aggregator, Integral SIZE does not route orders to other trading venues. Liquidity comes from the liquidity pools on Integral SIZE.

ITGR is the governance token of Integral. Holders can stake ITGR tokens to claim rewards.

ITGR is listed on several crypto exchanges including Uniswap, DODO, LBank, and MEXC. For a full list please see the list of ITGR markets on CoinMarketCap.

Integral aims to be decentralized in all aspects including whitelisting, governance, minting, staking, trading and providing liquidity. Integral products are non-custodial, decentralized applications, so as long as a user maintains an ETH balance in their wallet, they are able to perform all functions available on Integral FIVE and Integral SIZE.

Integral SIZE is a professional grade DeFi application accessible to everyone; including, but not limited to crypto whales, day traders, long-term crypto investors, HODLers, DCA buyers, yield farmers, OTC traders and DAO treasuries. Anyone that values decentralization, security, fairness and transparency will enjoy trading with SIZE.

Trades using Uniswap v2 and various other automated market-makers (AMM) that use the x * y = k price curve are susceptible to high price impact because of the simple pricing mechanism based on the ratio of assets in their liquidity pools. This means a trade that uses 1% of assets in a given pool will see a price impact of about 2%. This price impact can be completely mitigated by using Integral SIZE.

Integral SIZE uses an external price oracle to calculate execution prices. Depends on the specific pool, the external price oracle can be based on pools in Uniswap v2, Uniswap v3, or SushiSwap. Once an order is submitted on SIZE, the protocol will query the external price oracle to get spot prices over a 30 minute period. By calculating the arithmetic-mean of these prices, the protocol will establish the TWAP to execute your order.