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LINK-ETH : New Token Pool on Integral

ETH-LINK pool is now open for deposits.

LP Rewards will start around this time tomorrow (Apr 9th, 15:30 GMT).

Trading and single-sided deposits will also start around that same time tomorrow.

LP Fam take note:

– 1.5% of total LP rewards will go to the LINK pool (98.5% of LP rewards still go to the 4 older pools).

– We target a ETH-LINK pool size of $5mil. At $5mil target pool size, LPs will earn around 2x the APY of other pools. This represents what we currently think is a good reward to offset the additional Cyclical Imbalance (CI) risks. Please take the time to understand the next point, and refrain from FOMO.

– When trading starts tomorrow, you take on CI risk. Your pool ratio will change because of LINK price changes relative to ETH. Your pool ratio will also change because you will be buying and selling LINK to noise traders AT FAIR PRICES. However, because of our trade delay mechanism, you won’t be losing money to frontrunners and arbitrageurs.

Welcome LINK Marines

to the Resistance!