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Changes to Staking

On September 15th, Integral rolled out its staking contracts. One month later, the contracts now have locked nearly 1,000,000 $ITGR for 3-year stakes, accounting for almost 20% of the circulating supply

The team is excited to receive so much support from our community and will keep working hard to deliver the best user experience. This week, we have deployed a new UI and smart contract for the staking function of Integral. The update is introduced to fix a bug that could prevent the contract from correctly calculating the interest of staked ITGR. Although the scope of the bug is very limited and only affects 3 wallet addresses, we feel it necessary to fix this now.

If you have staked ITGR before, please follow the directions below to move your fund to the new contracts.

For verification purposes, here is the new staking contract for ITGR:

  • 3 Years: 0xFFc0EAC1a1aE79C697607229Aca43Ef422625a40

  • 6 Months: 0x36bD665392236b20bd42e161f02Bf0ae1d9441Ff

If you have staked ITGR and can see/claim the interests properly…

  • You will see additional contracts at the end of the interface marked (Depr). 

  • You should withdraw and claim any outstanding tokens using the buttons beside your deprecated positions (circled in red in the screenshot).

  • You can then re-stake by clicking stake on the new staking contracts at the top (circled in green in the screenshot). 

  • The team will reimburse the gas cost incurred from the withdrawal, claiming, and the previous staking in the form of liquid ITGR. The ITGR will be sent to your wallet directly.

  • The team suggests you to move your fund ASAP, as the old staking contract has stopped distributing interest.

If you have staked ITGR but cannot see the interests…

  • Withdraw your principal by referring to the instructions above.

  • The team will credit you the unclaimable interest in our next time release contract or in the form of an airdrop.

  • There are only 3 wallets that were affected by the bug: 0x412*****8203a, 0xDdF*****9Ad78, 0x659*****51226, 0xdF3*****3A697, 0x2A2*****06C57.

If you have never deposited ITGR…

We welcome you to try out our staking contracts, which will give you 45% APY if you choose to lock up your ITGR for 3 years.