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Suprisingly, some of the largest trades have the lowest slippage.
Time is the worst enemy for MEV bots. Trade on SIZE to avoid many of the common MEV attacks like front-running and sandwiches.
An in-depth comparison between DeFi protocols that offers TWAP and DCA execution.
A time-weighted automated market maker is a new type of DEX that lets traders place long-term orders that execute at time-weighted average prices. It works through a combination of fancy math, arbitrage opportunities and shadowy super coding.
While the crypto-twitter pundits have moved on to new drama, the Sushi team put their heads down to do the important work of planning the protocol's future. In this article, we will go over a brief history of the protocol and some of the exciting things that are on the horizon for Sushi.
Time is a traders' best friend.
There are a lot of DEX claiming to offer 0 slippage trading. Is it true? How does Integral SIZE's practice differ from theirs?
You can think of slippage as the changes due to the market and price impact as the change caused just by your trade.
Convex is central to the ongoing Curve wars and CVX has become a hot commodity on the back of this narrative.
OTC desks process 2 to 3 times more volume than exchanges, and Integral SIZE may be the latest solution for DeFi to take these large orders.