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This blog post delves into the distinctions between Integral's AMMs and conventional AMMs, as well as the unique features that set Integral SIZE apart for traders and LPs.
In this blog post, we will explore the differences between AMMs and CLOBs, the challenges of implementing CLOBs on blockchains, and why DeFi has tended towards AMMs.
The crypto market has been no stranger to its share of upheavals and dramatic events, but the recent USDC depegging has sent shockwaves throughout the nascent financial ecosystem.
When it comes to trading, there are many different methods used to determine the average price of a security over a given time period. Two commonly used methods are the Time-Weighted Average Price (TWAP) and the Volume-Weighted Average Price (VWAP). While both are used to calculate the average price of an asset, they differ in their approach and how they are used by traders.
We will soon be releasing limit orders for Integral SIZE. There are several types of trading orders that can be used to buy or sell crypto in the markets. Here is a brief explanation of each type of orders available in the crypto markets.
GMX offers a DeFi exchange with a number of unique features, allowing large swaps with no slippage. At first glance, this may look similar to Integral SIZE, however the mechanisms couldn’t be more different. Here we compare some of the main features for traders and how each protocol accomplishes them.
In this post we explore the world of liquid staking derivatives, the tokens that are bringing staked ETH to DeFi.
Traders are positioning ahead of the next Ethereum upgrade, the Shanghai fork. Learn about the Shanghai fork and how to trade staked ETH withdraws.
As the bear market grinds on, investors and speculators alike are scrutinizing metrics even further. One that has come to light is upcoming unlocks and increases in token supply. While serious thinking about tokenomics was often thrown out the window during the bull market, as prices have gone down, people are looking at these numbers in more detail.
Liquidations are one of the least understood parts of all of the technical plumbing that keeps the decentralized finance ecosystem running. In this post, we will review the liquidation mechanisms for some of the most popular lending protocols.
As the bear market has continued, DeFi projects across the space have had to make hard choices on how to structure their tokenomics.
To get the price impact, we compare the quote for a very small trade with the quote for the input trade.