Integral Insights

Liquidations are one of the least understood parts of all of the technical plumbing that keeps the decentralized finance ecosystem running. In this post, we will review the liquidation mechanisms for some of the most popular lending protocols.
As the bear market has continued, DeFi projects across the space have had to make hard choices on how to structure their tokenomics.
To get the price impact, we compare the quote for a very small trade with the quote for the input trade.
What are DEX aggregators? How do DEX aggregators improve on chain trading for DeFi traders? In this article we compare the top DEX aggregators.
When competing with flashbots mev-boost builder, some custom builders have been able to carve out profitable niches.
TribeDAO shutdown and drama regarding protocol assets highlights the need for an OTC DEX and OTC trading tools in DeFi like Integral SIZE.
Without a shared understanding and process for OTC, communities will naturally struggle to reach a consensus.
If gas prices remain this low, the ETH burned per day won't surpass issuance and ETH will remain inflationary.
Stake, borrow, leverage… Whales are trying hard to build their positions before the merge.
Any staker not doing MEV is leaving money on the table. So how can you avoid being rugged?