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Build on SIZE with our new SDK and developer tools

While we have plenty of shadowy super coders at Integral, we are always looking to improve the developer experience for SIZE and our other offerings. We’ve shipped a number of updates that will make interacting with SIZE and querying data even easier than before.

Integral SIZE Software Development Kit (SDK)

The SIZE software development kit makes it easy to interact with the SIZE system. Developers can now write any program that trades with SIZE. Take advantage of SIZE’s 30-minute TWAP trades that execute with zero-price impact.

Some possible use cases include:

  • Arbitrage and trading bots
  • Automated market making liquidity provision
  • Yield aggregators looking to take advantage of juicy ITGR rewards

The SDK allows for buying tokens, selling tokens, depositing, and removing liquidity. We’ve started with a node.js Javascript project with a normal GPL3.0 license.

The Integral SIZE API

The SIZE API makes it dead simple to get basic data about the exchange. There are a number of queries that allow developers to understand the current impact of trades in the DEX, as well as live reporting on liquidity and slippage. In addition the API offers queries to get information about the ITGR token like the rewards programs and staked amounts.

With the SIZE API you get access to all of the following:

  • Trade history by wallet address
  • Order status
  • Price impact comparator
  • Graph data for the spot price vs TWAP price graph
  • ITGR token price and other stats including staking rewards
  • Slippage estimation data to calculate slippage
  • Trade summaries
  • Information about our time release
  • Pools that we offer

New Subgraph and Dune Analytics Integration

In addition to our internal tools, we have been hard at work with partners as well.

Dune Analytics now supports Integral trade data, making it easy to see whale trades on the SIZE exchange.

We have also update the SIZE subgraph, which provides additional data in a decentralized way through The Graph’s network.