Integral Insights

If you find that your wallet address is in the list, please go to the KYC site and complete your KYC entry by 16:00 GMT May 1, 2021. Dear Investors, Our records indicate that there are some wallet addresses that have not been verified with proper KYC entry. If you have not received an approval […]
Integral has completed its Public Seed Round successfully, and a total of $32M (pre-settlement) has been invested. Thank you! Integral has completed its Public Seed Round successfully, and a total of $32M (pre-settlement) has been invested. We are wrapping things up in the back office and at this time an $ITGR price and valuation are […]
In the world of 2040, Integral will be a go-to liquidity pool for global consumer interfaces. Day 5 of the Integral Public Seed Round is upon us, and we’ve just crossed a significant milestone—over $10 million has been invested. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to trust and support Integral, and we are confident that […]
On Day 1, Option 1 will earn a small early believer bonus of 5%. The Public Seed Round has begun. Please visit here (double check the website address is to proceed. If you are having difficulty visiting the website, you can try our mirror site: Please submit your KYC before investing. To learn […]
A step-by-step walk-through about everything you need to know when the Public Seed Round starts at 15:30 GMT on April 22nd, 2021. Last week, we announced our Public Seed Round. We were amazed by the amount of interest we have received: over 13,000 people have viewed our announcement article, and many have dropped us supportive […]
The new quadratic solver algorithm yields the theoretically best (most accurate possible) result. Guys, we did not expect to do this, but we just invented the theoretically optimal quadratic solver algorithm for all ethereum smart contracts. Because we need to approximate any Orderbook shape, we can’t just use stuff like x*y=k. In order to fit […]
Invest early with the best VCs on equal terms April 22nd, 15:30 GMT at (will go live closer to the start) A PDF version of sale deck can be viewed here. A Russian version of sale deck can be viewed here. (Shoutout to our hero @SmpIR for the translation!) Invest early with the best […]
On March 29th, some liquidity providers experienced reverted transactions, and their gas fee was wasted. We take full responsibility for this situation and are reimbursing expenses incurred from such transactions, in $ITGR form. We are releasing the 1st batch of reverted transactions and wallet addresses which has been verified. To protect privacy, we only display […]
As Integral matures, we will be able to provide longer out projections for you. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! We finally ended our internal sleep deprivation experiments after we successfully kicked off trading and one-sided deposits in the ETH-LINK pair. Product | “Aggressive Innovation, Responsibly” We are seeing a stream of trades that […]
Our ETH-LINK pool is currently matching Sushiswap and Coinbase Pro in depth by mirroring Sushiswap’s pool size * 1.25 = $250m, with our small ~$5mil pool. Trading has launched on ETH-LINK! You’re probably curious, what’s the big deal here? One of our @Heroes, @SmplR, has experience as main community manager of the Russian national team […]
ETH-LINK pool is now open for deposits. LP Rewards will start around this time tomorrow (Apr 9th, 15:30 GMT). Trading and single-sided deposits will also start around that same time tomorrow. LP Fam take note: – 1.5% of total LP rewards will go to the LINK pool (98.5% of LP rewards still go to the […]
We will launch a 5th pool as a staging ground. The pool will be LINK-ETH. We need about $5m TVL to commence trading on this pool and will shift 1.5% pool weights towards it. Hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend! We certainly had an eventful one! Product | “Aggressive Innovation, Responsibly” – Additional security […]