Integral Insights

We are excited to announce that Integral will launch a series of stablecoin pools, including USDC-USDT, DAI-USDC, and DAI-USDT. These pools will be open for LPs and traders starting from 15:30 GMT on May 31st. With our Concentrated Liquidity feature, these newborn pools are designed to deliver the best stablecoin depth and slippage in DeFi, […]
Integral will perform a 1:10,000 split on the governance token $ITGR before the listing. This split will increase the token supply from 30,000 to 300,000,000. If you have previously acquired $ITGR (e.g. from participating in the Public Seed Round and liquidity farming), the value of your total $ITGR position will remain unchanged. Below we walk […]
Integral has reached another important milestone. At the time of writing, our cumulative trading volume has reached $9.8mm (including ETH-LINK). In this email, we will share some statistics about trading in last two days. A note for Integral LPs: ETH-USDC pool is currently not receiving the 30% LP Farming bonus due to pool ratio imbalance. […]
On March 29th, some liquidity providers experienced reverted transactions, and their gas fee was wasted. We take full responsibility for this situation and are reimbursing expenses incurred from such transactions, in $ITGR form.  We are releasing a complete list of reverted transactions which have been verified. Wallet owners who initiated these transactions will receive $ITGR that […]
We are excited to announce that Integral has enabled trading for all pairs. Starting from today, you can use Integral to trade or single-sided deposit $ETH, $wBTC, $USDT, $USDC, $DAI, and $LINK. In this announcement, we will walk you through features and changes in this trading launch to get you started with a smooth Integral […]
Integral has just settled the Public Seed Round. The total amount of investment is $31.9mm, making the listing price $9812.95. Please note that valuation information in this blog post is no longer valid. For latest valuation and token price, please read here. Integral has settled the Public Seed Round. The total amount of investment is […]
If you find that your wallet address is in the list, please go to the KYC site and complete your KYC entry by 16:00 GMT May 1, 2021. Dear Investors, Our records indicate that there are some wallet addresses that have not been verified with proper KYC entry. If you have not received an approval […]
Integral has completed its Public Seed Round successfully, and a total of $32M (pre-settlement) has been invested. Thank you! Integral has completed its Public Seed Round successfully, and a total of $32M (pre-settlement) has been invested. We are wrapping things up in the back office and at this time an $ITGR price and valuation are […]
In the world of 2040, Integral will be a go-to liquidity pool for global consumer interfaces. Day 5 of the Integral Public Seed Round is upon us, and we’ve just crossed a significant milestone—over $10 million has been invested. Thank you to everyone who has chosen to trust and support Integral, and we are confident that […]
On Day 1, Option 1 will earn a small early believer bonus of 5%. The Public Seed Round has begun. Please visit here (double check the website address is to proceed. If you are having difficulty visiting the website, you can try our mirror site: Please submit your KYC before investing. To learn […]
A step-by-step walk-through about everything you need to know when the Public Seed Round starts at 15:30 GMT on April 22nd, 2021. Last week, we announced our Public Seed Round. We were amazed by the amount of interest we have received: over 13,000 people have viewed our announcement article, and many have dropped us supportive […]
The new quadratic solver algorithm yields the theoretically best (most accurate possible) result. Guys, we did not expect to do this, but we just invented the theoretically optimal quadratic solver algorithm for all ethereum smart contracts. Because we need to approximate any Orderbook shape, we can’t just use stuff like x*y=k. In order to fit […]