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Integral is a global team of problem solvers on a mission to make DeFi more accessible, secure and fair.

We believe everyone should have access to professional, unbundled and permissionless financial services and envision a future where decentralized finance is a viable alternative to traditional finance. Our purpose is to develop solutions that unlock the full potential of DeFi and empower the next generation of DeFi traders.

Swap with TWAP

Integral SIZE is a TWAP based DEX enabling zero price impact swaps on Ethereum and Arbitrum.

SIZE is an MEV-resistant decentralized exchange providing all DeFi users with access to pro trading tools. Integral SIZE enables zero price impact swaps with a time-weighted average price and impermanent loss protection for liquidity providers. SIZE is like a pro version of Uniswap built to execute crypto trades of any size. Trade with SIZE!