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A Data-driven Farming Approach

The trading mining has begun! Starting from this week, trading on Integral will enjoy the best price in DeFi (beating major aggregators 66% of the time), and ALSO split 100,000 ITGR (Integral’s Gov Token) from the rewards pool each week. Click the button above to trade, or read more here.

From this week onwards, we will pursue a data-driven policy for setting LP farming rates. This creates more predictable farming rates. And this also ensures sustainable token economics.

We will look at historical trading behavior and incentivize enough TVL in each pool to meet the liquidity needs of traders. We want to see healthy utilization rates and stop over-incentivizing TVL.

Specifically, we will pursue the concept of “range volume”, defined as the difference between the high and low of the cumulative signed volume series. It represents the maximum cumulative one way swing in trade flows over a period of time. It tells us exactly the minimum liquidity we would have needed to serve all trade flows from a period in time.

The farming rates for next week are set as 4 * range volume. We chose a multiple of 4 in order to avoid overfitting and provide sufficient liquidity for our growing trading volume. We expect to update future farming rates based on variants of this policy.

This policy leads to the following target pool sizes for the upcoming week:

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