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Building in crypto has been a wild ride in 2022, to say the least. At Integral, we’ve been heads down shipping new products and features the whole year. Here’s a quick recap of our year. We will also look at what lies ahead for the 2023 roadmap.

Integral Launches SIZE

In March, we launched our latest product, Integral SIZE.

Integral SIZE is a new decentralized exchange designed for the execution of large orders with no slippage. SIZE uses a Uniswap oracle to give traders the equivalent of 30-minute TWAP execution with no price impact and MEV protection.

SIZE focuses on major pairs such as ETH-USDC and stETH-ETH, and has reached more than $20mm in large trades since its launch in March 2022.

After launching SIZE with the WETH-USDC pool, we quickly added other pools to let traders get similar advantages for more exotic pairs. The CVX-WETH pool targeted players in the Curve wars, and the wstETH-ETH pair allowed whales to trade around the merge.

A New Look and New Content

After the SIZE launch, we updated the UI of the main SIZE trading interface with a new sleek design. At the same time, we released our new blog and website design. Over the last year, we have explored a huge number of topics across DeFi. This has included basic explainers on trading mechanics like the difference between DCA and TWAP.

We have also published even more in-depth research pieces covering The MergeWhale Trading on L2s, and more.

SIZE Comes to Arbitrum

In October, we deployed Integral SIZE on the Arbitrum L2 blockchain. Arbitrum has a thriving trading culture with staples like GMX and Dopex bringing degens large and small to the L2 network. This made Arbitrum a perfect fit for the first L2 launch of SIZE.

With the 30-minute TWAP execution, users on Arbitrum can now benefit from no slippage trades, 30-minute TWAP trading strategies, and MEV protection, just like traders on Ethereum mainnet.

Already we have seen a good number of traders take advantage of the SIZE pools to execute trades large and small. The low gas costs make it even more attractive to take advantage of the additional TWAP execution provided by SIZE.

Atomic Relayer Launches

After launching on Arbitrum, SIZE’s first Layer 2 rollup deployment, the development team got to work on a new product, the Integral atomic relayer. The relayer allows traders on DEX aggregators to take advantage of SIZE liquidity to do instant trades at the previous 30-minute TWAP price. We have already deployed the relayer on mainnet and started integration with some aggregators. Look for much more to come on this in the year ahead.

What’s Next For Integral in 2023?

In 2023, we will be focusing on two key initiatives and have some exciting features and additions planned for the roadmap.

The first plan is to improve the composability of the Integral trading venues. To do this we are working with multiple aggregators about integrating the atomic relayer to their systems. Not only will this bring more volume to Integral SIZE and generate more fees, but it will give even better execution for large trades on chain. The atomic relayer is currently in testing on mainnet and will launch soon on Arbitrum.

While the atomic relayer will launch first as a direct integration with DEX aggregators, we will also release a UI and other tools for traders to take advantage of the new functionality directly on our website or through contracts directly.

The second initiative for 2023 is to add more tools for pro traders. Already Integral offers the only 30-minute TWAP execution on chain. This replicates the functionality found on many centralized exchanges or OTC desks but is transparent and permissionless on the blockchain.

On-chain traders still need more tools to get the same trading and execution experience as on a centralized exchange. To this end, we have features planned like limit orders that will let users set price levels to execute TWAP trades. We will also be upgrading our contract infrastructure to make it more robust and modular for future upgrades. Last, we will be reworking our order execution to be even more gas efficient with estimated savings of up to 50%.

All of these changes will bring even better execution and tools for on-chain traders.

Looking Ahead

We hope 2023 will bring just as much excitement and energy as 2022. Even though it has been difficult at times, the year brought a lot of continued attention to DeFi and the importance of on chain trading tools. Permissionless and trusted financial services are being built today by us and many others. At Integral we will continue to build for on-chain traders that believe in the promise and spirit of DeFi.

Here’s to a great upcoming year!